Habit Appliances


Bluegrass Appliance–The Bluegrass is a “behavior substitution” appliance. Patients are instructed to practice rolling the Teflon bead, encouraging a distraction from thumb sucking habits.

Habit Rakehabit2

Habit Rake– This appliance provides negative feedback from habits by incorporating metal prongs and is intended to cause discomfort to discourage the most persistent habits.

Habit CribHabit3

Habit Crib–This interference appliance features a soldered cage to discourage parafunctional habits.


RPE with Habit CageHabit4

Habit Cage RPE–Thumb sucking and tongue thrust habits frequently coincide with a constricted palate. This appliances treats both simultaneously. The Habit Cage is free to move along with expansion of the arch.

habit5Dual Laminate Splint

This 4mm splint has a rigid outer shell for strength, but has a soft inner shell designed for increased patient comfort

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