Spring Retainers

Modified-Spring-RetainerModified Spring Retainer

Modified Spring Retainer–Modied Spring Retainers are frequently called upon to correct minor anterior tooth crowding. Incisors are reset and aligned properly, and then a spring action retainer is made to the new archform.

TMA-SpringTMA Spring Retainer

TMA Spring Retainer–TMA wire produces half the force and has much greater range than stainless steel wire. Because of its super-elasticity, this wire lends itself perfectly to the forces needed to move teeth. With the TMA Spring Retainer, teeth are reset as normal and then TMA  wire is adapted directly to the labial and lingual aspects of the incisors. Gentle forces then move teeth in a comfortable manner. These retainers are also less prone to breakage sometimes experienced with stainless steel retainers.

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