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midlyne_about1Midlyne™ Orthodontic Laboratory was founded in 2004 by Cory Meschke in his basement laboratory. A graduate of The University of Kansas, Cory went on to attend The UMKC School of Dentistry DDS program, and subsequently studied graduate Biomechanics at KU. In his fourth year in dental school, Cory decided to go in a new direction and start an orthodontic laboratory. Using his vast knowledge of dentistry and biomechanics, he has been able to position himself as an innovative thinker in the field of orthodontics.


midlyne_aboutTom Riekhof joined Midline in 2009, and has since become laboratory manager.  Tom is always looking for ways to streamline the lab operations and is dedicated to remaining at the front edge of the newest orthodontic technology.  His leadership skills have become a key asset to the laboratory.


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