The Herbst appliance–

As fixed functional appliances for class II corrections go, the Herbst appliance is likely the most common appliance used, largely because of its stability and predictability. In comparison with other devices, once thought of as a bulky, uncomfortable appliance, the newest versions of the Herbst are sleek, comfortable, and result in far fewer emergency appointments than in the past. At MidLyne, we believe the Herbst to be superior to other class II devices, and have thus made a commitment to remain experts in its construction.

The invention of a telescoping mechanism is a major innovation that eliminates the rod and tube assembly from coming apart. At the same time, the compact profile of the mechanism allows the placement of the lower pivots in the area of the second bicuspids, resulting in a much more favorable response from patients.

MidLyne also frequently employs AppleCore screws, which by virtue of their parabolic shape, allow for the maximum range of movement during jaw excursions.